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favorite character meme: sarah manning

[1/4] relationships: alison

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Inspiration for Uni (1/?) 
↳ Cosima Niehaus

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The relationship between Jack and the Doctor and Jack and Rose, there is a love there, and …uh.. y’know, I’m not talking like a sexual love all the time, but there’s a love of ..uh.. of the..the person, a love of ..a really great friend…. I thought, how am I gonna do this, without making it sensational with ..you know .. a full on tongue kiss with Rose, and a full on tongue kiss with the Doc, and I went ‘Bing’ that’s it! Whatever I ..however I kiss Rose, I have to kiss him in exactly the same way. I kiss them basically with the same tenderness, so it was ..it wasn’t like a kiss of ‘Ooh I finally get to kiss them’, it was a kiss of ‘I really really care for you. I love you to..deeply, and I have to say goodbye’. I really loved that moment, I thought it was a touching moment. Not just because I got to kiss Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston.. uhmm.. but uh.. now I’m gonna blush… The fact that it was.. it was a tender moment between them, and it showed a softness, and i hope people get that.


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ob meme || [9/10] scenes
     ↳ You want to see a clone?

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Orlando Jones & Lyndie Greenwood | Jirving booty call | [x]

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@midnight || #TVShowSequels

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Lilo & Stitch for youronceuponadisney. Happy Birthday Lulu

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